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CARS FOR SALE - Chester / Saltney

On our Chester / Saltney yard you will always find second hand cars for sale. We have a range of cars for different customers requirements. 1. FULLY WORKING CARS - in good overall condition, ready to go. All cars in this category has been tested by our mechanics to reduce the risk of any faults. Our mechanics have tested cars in various steps : test drive, inspection on the car ramp, diagnostic computer testing. Also for cars in this category we've done all mechanical or body repairs required. ALL FOR FULL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. 2. NON-RUNNERS, FAULTY CARS (cars for scrap dealers) 3. SALVAGE CARS (cars which can come back on road after required body or mechanical repairs). 4. EXPORT - we offer cars for export, also we can arrange all "deal" with international customers (from finding suitable cars on the local market to arranging delivery / shipping). 5. We can find any car for you. We will find anything you need, then we will test it, do all required repairs and oil service, also we will arrange MOT. You will have safe and dependable car, exactly what you need with minimum risk of any problems. All to your order. All currently available cars you can find by clicking in bottom links

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